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Established in 2000 Majestic focused on 12V entertainment for the marine industry designing LCD TV and DVD Players exclusively for the harsh marine environment. Over the years Majestic has expanded the product line, improved the technical designs using State-Of-The-Art Technology, and expanded the operations internationally.


The main focus for Majestic was to develop products that would be able to withstand an environment that far exceeds what consumer branded products can. This was done through working with local boat manufacturers, providing outstanding support and ensuring that every model was an improvement on the previous one. With quality and performance far exceeding the consumer brands many marine and RV customers embraced the Majestic brand. With products now exported globally and new products continuously under development, Majestic is leading the world in 12V entertainment systems.


The brand has international recognition as being the most reliable for the Marine and RV industry. when it comes to quality, performance and reliability this is what Majestic is known for. If you’re looking for a quality product, then you can feel confident that Majestic is the ultimate choice as we do stand behind our product with a 3 year guarantee worldwide.


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