TV antenna UFO X

TV antenna UFO X

12 VOLT - Extremely High Gain Omni Directional TV Antenna

The UFO X is the latest in digital technology and high performance for TV Reception in any mobile environment. It has the highest gain of any TV antenna for its tiny 24cm Diameter. It might be small but its packed with powerful technology.

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Designed for Analog and Digital Signals World Wide.

The Majestic UFO X is the predecessor to the famous UFO which is over 10 years old in technology. The Majestic UFO X has had serious engineering upgrades which has allowed us to develop the latest in high performance. It has the highest gain of any TV antenna for its tiny 24cm Diameter. It might be small but its packed with powerful technology.


The UFO X has a 30dB High Gain Amplifier built into the Antenna which is a 58% increase in signal performance on the UFO. (For every 3dB Gain the signal level doubles). This gives you a huge advantage over other TV antennas because now you have a very strong signal in the antenna that has not had any interference being induced when it received the signal, and with a very strong signal being sent down the cable the electrical interference is insignificant compared to the strong signal. Once the signal is sent down to the junction we do not need to do much filtering or cleaning to give you excellent reception. 


The UFO X is also designed to be ground independent (does not need a ground plane or be grounded) to amplify the TV signal. Therefore is makes this antenna perfect for boats or any non-metal roof.


We have also improved using state-of-the-art components the signal processing of the Antenna to give you both Vertical and Horizontal performance, which is needed when travelling around Australia. 


When the TV antenna is powered up through the junction box which has it's own power indicated LED and the Antenna has a Bright Blue light which shines through the case giving you easy identification that the UFO is powered up. 


For those wishing to upgrade, the Junctions boxes are fully interchangeable between the Majestic UFO and the Majestic UFO X.


So if you are looking for a high performing TV antenna then the UFO X will give you the eXtreme performance you are looking for.


If you need a TV antenna with a grounded system, for example an RV, Motorhome, Caravan, Truck, Bus, Steel or Aluminium Vessel then you need to use our ANTRV01 which is specifically designed for ground dependent installations click here.


Accessories included:

Junction Box

Deck Mount (Mast Mount Optional Extra - see Accessories)

10M Cable


Power Cable




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  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Voltage Range: 10.9V to 24V DC
  • Reception: 360 Degrees
  • Polarization: Horizontal & Vertical
  • Gain: 30dB
  • Formats: Digital - UHF/VHF and FM
  • Current Draw @ 12Volts: 0.1 Amp
  • Colour: White
  • Accessories Supplied: Junction Box, Power Lead, Connectors, Manual, 10M Cable, Deck mount



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