Adaptor Plate for LA55-2 and 55-3

Adaptor Plate for LA55-2 and 55-3

LA-10M designed as an Adaptor plate for the End of the LA-55-2 and LA-55-3 or second location for your swing arm.

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If you have the LA-55-2 or LA-55-3 and you want to be able to remove your TV from the bracket easily, the LA10M is what you need. The LA10M can also be used for a secondary location to wall mount the bracket and TV.


The LA10M is designed for 100mmx100mm hole spacing which will fit to the end of both the     LA-55-2 or LA-55-3.


This plate can also be used to add another location where you can use you mounting arm for your TV with the LA-55-2 and LA-55-3, as these brackets will slide directly into the 10M which would be mounted to a wall.


Note: both of these arm are 75mmx75mm at the end where the TV mounts and both come with a special adaptor plate to convert 75mm to 100mm. the LA10M adapts to this 100mmx100mm plate which will allow you to remove the TV from from the end of the bracket.




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